Information about the membership

The DCND addresses Dual Career Services or Dual Career Networks in science, which are professionally operated and have an interest in expanding the quality of their consulting services. It supports the know-how of its members through professional exchange, further education and the development of quality standards.

Members of the DCND are dedicated to the Best Practice Guide, which defines minimum standards for dual career counseling. They guarantee professional support for dual career couples in their institutions and contribute to the development of the DCND according to their individual possibilities.

Membership is available to:

Individual members: Dual Career Services at universities, colleges and non-university research institutions.
Network members: Dual Career Networks related to the scientific landscape.

The DCND sees itself as a platform of dual career practitioners for dual career practitioners in science and research. Therefore, it only offers memberships for institutions and not for individuals.

Are you interested in becoming a member of DCND? We are happy to hear from you! Please contact the speakers for further information:

You want to know how a Dual Career Service works or are looking for further information as a Dual Career Couple? Please visit our Service and Literature page.