Organisation of the DCND

Network spokespersons

All members of the DCND elect a spokesperson internally for a term of two years, who manages the network and represents it externally.

Acting spokespersons:  Yvonne Eder (since 2016, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), Ira Künnecke (since 2020, University of Cologne)

Former speakers: Kerstin Melzer (2015-2019, University of Constance), Marlar Kin (2012-2016, formerly Goethe University Frankfurt am Main), Katharina Klaas (2013-2015, Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg); Charlotte Reinisch (2010-2013, formerly University of Potsdam); Kerstin Dübner-Gee (2010-2012, formerly Technical University Munich)

Working groups of the DCND

The DCND is organised in working groups which ensure the continuous development of the network.

Working Group Finances

Contact person and treasurer: Bettina Bolterauer (University of Kiel)
Further members: Nadine Dreyer (Georg-August-University Göttingen) and Nicole Richter (RWTH Aachen)

AG Public Relations

Contact person and webmaster: Dr. Mabel Braun (University of Bayreuth)
Webmaster: Rouven Sperling (Dual Career Network Berlin)
Further members: Jana Bäuerlen (Goethe University Frankfurt), Michaela Krex (University of Siegen) and Felicitas Thönneßen (KIT Karlsruhe)

AG Quality Management

Contact person: Heike Rauer (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn)
Further members: Juliane Berndt-Hanisch (TU Berlin), Jonas Buche (Leibniz University Hannover), Hanna Nölting (University of Münster) and Lydia Generotzky (TU Munich)

AG Strategy

Contact person AG: Yvonne Eder (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
Further members: Marlar Kin (Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science), Katharina Klaas (University of Freiburg), Ira Künnecke (University of Cologne), Kerstin Melzer (University of Constance) and Nicole Richter (RWTH Aachen)

Honorary members of the network

Persons who have significantly contributed to the development of the network through their commitment are designated honorary members of the DCND after their retirement by the members:

Kerstin Dübner-Gee
Elke Gramespacher
Charlotte Reinisch
Selma Speith Kölbl
Ulrike Buntenbruch