Previous Cooperations


GENDER-NET was the first network in the European Research Area dedicated to the promotion of opportunity and gender equality through structural changes in science institutions and the integration of gender research. From 2013 to 2016, the DCND participated as observer in this transnational pilot project initiated by the European Commission. The DCND succeeded in establishing the support of dual career couples as a central and equitable offering for mobile researchers.

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Young Researchers in Europe

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Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft (Germany industry initiative promoting science and learning)

The Stifterverband's work centres on creating a productive and open knowledge society. Its goal is to work together effectively with universities, institutes and companies, allowing home-grown talent to be developed to its full potential and new ideas to be brought to fruition. Stifterverband supports the DCND financially and thus enbabled its formation.

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EAF - European Academy for Women in Politics and Business

EAF advances female future leaders and supports women and men in their career planning and reconciliation of professional career and family life. It also furthers the dual career strategy through expertise and the organisation of relevant events.

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