Our Goals

Best practice and recognition

The Dual Career Network Germany promotes best practice and the recognition of Dual Career Services by offering a platform for gathering and exchanging experience and knowledge. The member universities jointly advance strategies and mutually benefit from best-practice models. Besides support measures, these concepts encourage the acceptance and integration of Dual Career Services into universities. It allows the creation and maintenance of regional networks and the development of collaborations. It also helps to eliminate reservations about the specific support of dual career couples.


Quality Standards and Ethical Guidelines

The network members worked out criteria and structures for high-quality dual career work to be applied nationwide. Specifically, standards for support services, as well as ethical guidelines, had been developed and published in the network's best practice-paper. In this context, the network also discussed critical issues such as nepotism vs. selection of the strongest candidate, exceptional treatment vs. principle of equality, or transparency vs. data protection.


Information and Public Relations

The network does PR work for the increasingly relevant Dual Career issues on both a national and an international level. In addition, the network provides information (i.e. “What does dual career work mean”?) and thereby contributes to the elimination of knowledge gaps and resentment.



In order to professionalize its members and to advance this relatively new professional field, the network organizes training such as seminars on consulting, feedback processes, coaching, career counseling, intercultural training, quality management, PR and lobbying.


Increasing the attractiveness of Germany as a research and science location

Every university offering Dual Career Services to the high potential staff it is trying to recruit becomes more attractive as a potential employer. By networking on a national level, collaborating, exchanging ideas, by qualifying and optimizing processes continuously, the DCND makes Germany, as a whole, more attractive as a location for research and science. The Dual Career Network Germany sets standards and contributes to Germany’s efforts in the international competition for top researchers.